Mental abuse, also known as emotional abuse, is a type of mistreatment or manipulation that primarily targets a person’s emotions and psychological well-being. It can occur in many different settings, including close relationships, families, workplaces, and even institutions. Mental abuse is a set of behaviors meant to damage a person’s feeling of worth, sense of self-worth, and mental health. While there may be no visible physical traces, it can nonetheless have a major and lasting impact.

There are several common forms of psychological abuse.

Abusive language

 This includes using abusive or demeaning language, insults, name-calling, and humiliation to control or manipulate the victim.


The victim may feel alone and abandoned if they are cut off from friends, family, or other support systems.

Demeaning and Insulting Behavior

 This could manifest as continuous criticism, disdain, and mockery, all of which aim to undermine the victim’s sense of worth.

 Control tyrants

 The mind frequently tries to have total control over the lives of its victims, including their finances, choices, and habits.

 shifting the blame

 Abusers frequently place the blame on the victim in order to make them feel responsible for their own behavior.


The following behaviors and activities demonstrate a clear intention to perpetrate mental abuse




Someone using your mind may try to create a situation where you feel like you have no choice but to remain with them in order to preserve control. They could also try to undermine any relationships you may have with friends or family in order to stop you from relying on anybody else but them.


If your partner repeatedly criticizes you for everything you do, no matter how small or significant, this becomes mental abuse. They may make fun of you.


Control can apply to major decisions like where to live and work as well as tiny things. They might, for instance, forbid you from leaving the house. They might provide you with style suggestions.

Emotional Ignorance

Any person who is abusive will prioritize their emotional demands over yours. They might demand deference and submission, and they might withhold love or care until they get their way.


Especially in a public context, humiliating someone is a potent approach to abuse their minds. They might make fun of you and incite others to do the same. They might upload or write incriminating content on social media.

Managing Mental Abuse

Seek assistance if you think you are experiencing mental or emotional abuse. If you are in urgent danger, make every effort to leave the area as soon as you can and dial 911.

Review your plan if you aren’t in immediate danger.

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